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Services to employers

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Through its 35 years of experience in assisting immigrants, ALPA’s team has recognized the importance of a shared commitment between the employer and its employees with a foreign background, in the achievement of a successful professional integration. The organization has further developed consulting services that go along with ALPA’s integrated offer, and then contribute to the wellbeing of immigrants in the work market.

ALPA’s offer of services is :

  • Assistance in the recruitment process.
  • Job preparation and reception of immigrants.
  • Promoting and managing diversity.
  • Intercultural mediation and job retention.


Éric Mallette, Directeur développement et services aux employeurs
514 255-3900 # 227

To know more about Éric Malette:

With a bachelor's degree in business administration from HEC, Éric has worked in human resources for over 25 years. He has held various senior consulting roles in numerous organizations such as Nortel, Bombardier Aeronautics, Zero-Knowledge Systems and Scotiabank. Until recently, he was president of La Tête Chercheuse, a recruiting firm, and previously served as vice-president of human resources for Astral Television Networks in Toronto.

Éric is passionate about organizational development, talent management and training. He believes in diversity in all its forms and defines it as an important asset for the success of organizations today and tomorrow. His belief is that what people need most, no matter what their age or profession, is TO BE LISTENED, with empathy.