Vivre et travailler dans les régions québécoises, ALPA

Immigration regionalization program

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ALPA and its partners will assist you in all the stages of your job search, training and installation in region.

Find a job in region : (in french)
  • Assistance in the installation procedures and end of lease.

  • Meetings in Montréal with Quebec regions’ representatives and recruitment activities with employers.
  • Exploratory visits of regions and companies.
  • Potential financial aid for job interview and/or installation in region.
  • Contact with the partners organizations in regions.
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Arian and Madelyn - Cuba

First, ALPA helped me to have a better application file and to be ready for the job interviews. Then as I was interested in moving out in a region, I subscribed to the regionalization program. It’s been extremely helpful. Thanks to ALPA, I participated in an exploratory activity and a meeting with some employers from Mauricie. And during this activity, I found a job in my work expertise: IT! Finally, in order to have a smooth installation in Shawinigan, ALPA got me in touch with SANA, a partner organization in the region. With all this support, my wife and I were able to find an apartment very close to our office and to our child’s school. My wife found a job too. Everything is going well for us. We love our new region and we feel at home here. Thank you ALPA!