Aide aux immigrants à Montréal, ALPA

Assistance and welcome services for all the immigration stages

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We offer numerous services whether you just arrived here in Quebec or you’ve been leaving here for quite a while.

Update : This service now applies to international students, PVT and temporary workers!

Installation and registration to public services

  • Active listening and development of a specialized intervention plan.
  • Apartment/house rental.
  • Assistance with healthcare insurance application, driver’s licence, family allowances, etc.
  • Registration to healthcare services, social services, school/kindergarten, financial aids, etc.
  • Mediation with public services.

Assistance with the immigration process

  • Various applications : permanent residency, CSQ, citizenship, work permit, student permit, etc.
  • Mediation and conflict resolutions.
  • Official documents translations : birth certificate, marriage, death.
  • Referral of professional specialized services.

Custom made referral to other community resources or institutional partners

  • Food banks, clothing repairs, furnitures, etc.
  • Psychological support, assistance to domestic violence victims or organized violence, torture, etc.


Mariette - Burundi

ALPA really helped me with my immigration and installation process since I have arrived in Canada as an asylum seeker. Thanks to the help ALPA's team provided, I found a place to stay, and when I obtained the protected person status, the team helped me with my resident permanency and family reunion applications. They also supported me in my job search, as well as when I considered going back to school. I'm very grateful to all of them. They are so heartwarming, full of life, patient and most of all, they listen. I could never stress how much this organization is a must for everybody, especially for new comers. For real, the work you do is extremely admirable.

Services gratuits d'aide à l'immigration à Montréal