ALPA's services still provided during office closure

To open a file with one of our counselor, you will need to fill an registration form as well as provide us a copy of your official immigration documents.


  1. Referencing financial resources for people who have lost their jobs
  2. Support for new job search participants by telephone and videoconference (CV, cover letter, interview coaching, etc.)
  3. Follow-up with candidates already registered in the program

Reception and integration

  1. Work permit renewal (asylum seekers, accepted refugees, foreign students, temporary workers)
  2. Study permit applications (refugees accepted)
  3. Applications for permanent residence (refugees accepted and skilled workers)
  4. Family allowances
  5. Interpretation of documents and letter writing (Social assistance, IRCC, MIF, etc.)
  6. Help in finding accommodation for asylum seekers
  7. Mediation with owners of accommodation for asylum seekers
  8. References to additional resources


More to come


Suivi avec les candidats déjà inscrits au programme